Me and the Boys

Don't forget your dancing shoes!

Me and the Boys provides first class big band and jazz vocal music celebrating the great american songbook of the 40s, 50s and great current music. Me and the Boys has all the polish and heat of the great bands of the swing era.

Featuring the area's finest and most experienced big band swing jazz musicians, Me and the Boys come together off stages from Chicago to Atlanta to salute the uniquely American optimism of the songwrites of the 30s, 40s and 50s. Me and the Boys features accomplished song stylist Mary Kay Steele singing favorites like Stormy Weather, Orange Colored Sky and Black Coffee. From Gershwin to Arlen, Miller to Ellington, Me and the Boys celebrates the music that captured the spirit of a changing America -- and still does!
Me and the Boys commonly performs at concerts, parties and weddings throughout northwest Indiana and southwest lower Michigan. The shoreline of Lake Michigan from Chicago to Benton Harbor, Michigan is the group's stomping (and swinging!) grounds.

The group is available in two configurations: a full, eight piece swing orchestra, and a smaller, five piece combo. This allows performing at smaller venues or where budget is a primary concern. In the full group, bass, drums, piano/keyboards, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone saxes, trumpet and flutes are featured along with both male and female vocals. In the smaller group only one horn player is used.
For more information about booking, please contact us at (219) 325-3731 or by email.
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